HOMESCAPES Interior Design, LLC

A little about me...

After a career in retail, I decided I wanted to put my passion for design to use and to work exclusively in the design industry. In 1995 I created and opened Homescapes Interior Design, LLC. Since then, Homescapes has grown and I have enjoyed working in both commercial and residential applications.

Homescapes has been able to provide businesses with state of the art office designs creating more productive work environments with very little disruption to the work routine. 

Often, homeowners just need a little "punch" in their rooms to achieve a designer look. Homescapes can step in at any point during construction or renovation to provide useful design information and resources.

From a commercial client with a large budget to a homeowner who simply wants a new valance above a kitchen window, Homescapes can produce the needed results. All projects are approached with enthusiasm and the effort necessary to bring them to life and exceed the clients’ expectations.

Homescapes has an extensive source of licensed tradesmen, workrooms, cabinet makers, artists and contractors who can implement any design scheme. Ideally, the planning process begins early to give the client a professionally designed project from the ground up no matter where it is, Florida to Maine or North Carolina to California! 

A few more tidbits about Lois:

·        Associate member of Interior Design Society

·        Member of Yadkin Valley Rotary Club

·        Past President of Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce  

      ·     Past member of Elkin Main Street Advisory Board